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At AK Consultant, we offer our Clients personal legal service that is tailored to meet the specific needs of each Client. We offer guidance on how to apply for various types of UK Visas and how to succeed in acquiring it. We make every effort to provide simple, easy to understand immigration advice and services at most competitive rates. This has been our guiding principle which has ensured that we always deliver superb service at all times. We aim to provide prompt and honest advice tailored to your individual circumstances from start to finish. We offer both, businesses and individuals, effective and client-focused advice in all cases leading to getting a UK Visa for permanent settlement.

AK Consultant is registered firm. The firm is well equipped to provide its clientele practical needs, efficient and systematic solutions to their legal queries. Our staff is multilingual and all members can speak English, Punjabi and Urdu.

AK Consultant has the professionalism and dedication required for the complexities of UK immigration and can help you in preparing for UK visas.

All cases are handled with utmost confidentiality, respect and understanding of the outcome desired by our clients and we ensure that all the requirements for successful results are put into effect going the extra mile to fulfill all needs at high standards.

We can help you obtain the following:

British Citizenship
Entry clearance (Family visitor/General visitor)
Fiancé visa
Marriage visas
Religious Ministers or Religious Workers
Student visas
Domestic Worker
Student dependent
Work permit dependent
Dependent visas

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